Monthly Archives: October 2015

Increasing Your Following On Social Media

Today we are going to be talking about increasing your following on social media. Having people who see your brand message and engage with it is a great thing to have. To get those people, however, is a time consuming process. You need to find the people you are looking for , and that can […]

Planning Your Marketing – Why A Plan Is Essential And A Few Tips

Getting Started With Planning Your Marketing I am going to talk to you today about planning your marketing. A plan is extremely important when marketing and you need to get involved in planning your marketing to create that plan.  It can help you create marketing materials that get you toward your end goal of your […]

6 Steps to Social Media Domination

Today we are going to be talking about dominating your space on social media. This is a great thing to do to build awareness for your brand. Here are a few steps to social media domination: Produce TONS of content. Be sure to show your expertise in your space. You need to show people that […]