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What To Write – How To Overcome Writers Block In Content Marketing

I wanted to write an article that shows you how to figure out something to write about, even when you are tapped out of ideas.  Being able to produce, even when coming up with ideas is tough, can be a difficult and daunting task.  Even if you have some disdain for writing, you can learn to hopefully love writing.  If writing isn’t your forte, then maybe video is and maybe you can use that to your advantage.
Leverage what I am teaching you not only to create content when you think you otherwise couldn’t, but to also create more content.  When content marketing becomes easier, that doesn’t mean that you should work less.  That means that you should work the same amount of time and get better results.  Making something efficient isn’t so that you can work less.  Making something efficient allows you to produce more with your current level of work, which is a great thing.  Use this article to make your writing process easier and more efficient.

Create A Spreadsheet Of Ideas



Something that I love to do is create a spreadsheet of brainstormed content ideas.  This helps me create more content faster and continue to do it all the time.  I can have a list of 75 or so articles that I want to write, and when I begin to run low, I just have another 15 minute brainstorming session.  There are two ways that you can jam-pack the speed sheet with great ideas.

The First


The first way that I like to create a majority of my content is with a brainstorming session.  Make this like a kind of competition.  Time yourself for 15 minutes and see how many ideas you can get down in the spreadsheet.  When you need to have another brainstorming session, see if you can beat that record and continue to do that.

The Second

The second way that I also like to use when I am creating content is random ideas.  Sometimes the best ideas come to you randomly, and when they do come, you need to have a system for getting those ideas down.  When you have random ideas, write them down as soon as possible. Keep a legal pad at your desk for this reason.  Then, once you get your spreadsheet open, write the idea down there.  It’s as simple as that. Then, when you want to, if you don’t want to right then, you can write about the ideas that you came up with.

When You Have A New Idea, Write It Down

As I was saying above, when you have a new idea, you need to write it down.  Get it down somewhere.  If you aren’t in front of you computer, get it down in your phone.  If your phone is dead, or if you don’t have a smartphone (you need one), then you need to write it down on a sheet of paper.  I don’t care if you have to write the ideas down with a crayon on the back of a Wal-Mart Receipt.  You need to get these ideas down when you have them.  Your mind is a well of knowledge and creativity, and you are the person that needs to decide how you are going to tap into it.

Write About What You Know and Are Passionate About

Planning Your Marketing
My last point that I wanted to make before I finish up is to write about what you are passionate about.  You know the things that you love. Hopefully what you do everyday (your business) is one of the things that you love.    If you write about things that relate to your business, which you love, you should be writing about things that you love.  Not only will this help you write more content, but it will also help you create better content. This content that you create can help you grow your business and learn even more about your industry.  I know that when I learn something, I am eager to share it with others.  That is the great thing about writing about your passion:
     You will almost never not want to write and the content that you create will mainly be top-notch.
Write about what you love and you will be well off.  Write about the things that you can talk about for hours in your daily life, and you will be just fine.

In Conclusion…

When you have ideas, write them down.  Get them down in a place that you can remember them and use them.  When you learn this, and couple this with writing about your passion, you will be able to create more great content to help you market your business.  Try this for a month, and see how many more articles this allows you to write.  Remember to be great and never settle for anything less.
Kaloeb S.
Owner at B Cubed Media
I am a young, dedicated entrepreneur and owner of B Cubed Media. I hope to help others build their business using the internet.