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Lessons Learned As A 15 Year-Old Entrepreneur

Lessons Learned As A 15 Year-Old Entrepreneur I’m 15 years old and I started my web design company, B Cubed Media, last year. I didn’t really start to experience growth until recently, but when that did happen, I began to truly learn about what running a business was like. I had clients to work for, […]

Why Everyone Should Have A Whiteboard In The Office

Why Everyone Should Have A Whiteboard In The Office Do you have a whiteboard in your office? Today I am going to be talking to you about having one in your office and what it can do for your creativity. The Beauty of a Whiteboard “Why do I need a whiteboard?” you may ask. This […]

Inspiring Intrapreneurship

Inspiring Intrapreneurship In your organization, intrapreneurship can really help you grow your business and inspire fresh ideas from your employees.  But before I begin talking about inspiring intrapreneurship, let’s talk about what intrapreneurship actually is. What Is Intrapreneurship? Intrapreneurship is the intra-organizational entrepreneur.  An intrapreneur is basically a hired entrepreneur that helps you grow your […]

Why being reasonable won’t get you anywhere/where you want

I would like to talk to you today about why being reasonable won’t get you where you want to get in life. When you are reasonable, you are doing the same things that people are already doing. What you believe you can do and what you actually can do are very different things. You need […]

So You Want To Be An Entrepreneur, Huh?

When you take a look at someone who has been and continues to be successful in business, most of us will want to active something close to or above what they have achieved.  Many of us, however, don’t have the slightest clue as to the amount of effort that running your own business takes.  Here […]