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Happy 100th Post!

Post #100 I am so excited to have finally reached the 100 post milestone and I am definitely going to deliver in this one.  I wanted to talk to you today about getting up early and how you can be more productive because of it.  You will be amazed by how much you can do when you […]

Some Inspiration For Your Day

Sometimes we all need a little pick me up to get us started with our day.  Today I wanted to talk to you about perception.  It is the one thing that will change how you think about your life and what you do in your life. Perception defines how you live.  How you perceive the […]

Working Work Into Your Daily Life

I wanted to give you some tips to work more efficiently and effectively in your day.  If you use these, you will be surprised with the amount that you get done. Time Is Never Wasted The first concept that you must understand is that time is never wasted.  Time is simply consumed frivolously.  You are […]

Hard Work Required

I saw something this morning that was saying something like “Make A Million Dollars Fast.”  This irritates me because many people believe this and then they try it, fail, and then give up.  This seems discouraging to people because the words “Fast” makes it seem like it was easy.  Here’s the truth:  Most millionaires are self-made, […]

Stop Talking, Start Doing

Everyone has dreams.  Whether we make those dreams a reality, though, is up to you.  It is your choice to make things happen in your life.  We can talk about what we want to achieve, but doing is the real truth.  Working towards our dreams is the only thing that we can do to make […]

Learning By Creating – How Creating Content Can Help You Learn More In Business and In Life

Learning By Creating – How Creating Content Can Help You Learn More In Business and In Life Have you ever needed to write a paper? This beast with a due date looming in the distance seems like it couldn’t hurt anyone. Your GPA begs to differ, though, so you begin to write. You begin the […]

A Trick To Achieve More In Your Life

When you want to achieve more in your life, the first step is to change your thinking.  If you change how you think about your life and your goals, you can change what you achieve.  If you are dedicated enough to put your thoughts into actions, you will be able to achieve success. Because thoughts […]

Why being reasonable won’t get you anywhere/where you want

I would like to talk to you today about why being reasonable won’t get you where you want to get in life. When you are reasonable, you are doing the same things that people are already doing. What you believe you can do and what you actually can do are very different things. You need […]

A Day In The Life of A Teen Entrepreneur

I would like to shed some light on what I actually do in a day.  Many people don’t understand the work and dedication that entrepreneurship requires.  I thought that when people actually understood what it is like not only to be an entrepreneur, but a teen entrepreneur, that it would help others realize that being […]

Wasting Time – My Thoughts

Wasting Time – My Thoughts I wanted to talk to you fr a little while about wasting time. First of all, I would like to point out that time itself is never wasted. Each and every single moment that we have is a gift. All the time that we have is a gift. Now, what […]