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Providing Value On Social Media

I wanted to write something today about value because it is the one thing that I feel many businesses miss the most on social media.  So many businesses will go and post something that doesn’t give anyone any value at all.  That is just irritating.  The problem with most business’s social media is that they don’t […]

Social Media and First Impressions

Social Media and First Impressions When people market their business on social media, many people don’t think about the first thing that people see of their business: their page.  When you are marketing your business on social media, you need to be sure that the people that see your business will have a good first impression.  […]

Here’s Why Twitter Is Important

I wanted to write about Twitter and its importance to your business today.  Mainly I am going to be focusing on this point:   Twitter is important because it helps you get attention for your business. You need to be marketing your business on Twitter for this reason. The entire purpose of marketing is to […]