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Some Things To Consider When Marketing On Instagram

Some Things To Consider When Marketing On Instagram

I wanted to talk to you today about marketing your business on Instagram. Many business owners want to get into Instagram and then proceed blindly to use the social network without any real plan. That is their first mistake. I wanted to give you some things that you need to seriously consider doing when you are marketing your business on Instagram

Have A Goal

The first thing that you need to do before you even sign up for Instagram is have a goal. You need to know where you want to go so that you can create a plan appropriate for that goal. If you don’t know where you want to end up, how can you get there?

Create A Plan

The next thing that you need to do is have a plan. What do you want to post about? How often do you want to post? Are there things that you want to post about specifically? How is what you post going to help your business? Be sure that you have many of these things in your plan and even more.

Your plan should outline what you are going to do on Instagram and how you are going to achieve the goal that you set earlier (You did do that, right?)

Post Often

Once you get on Instagram, you need to post often. Instagram is a different place from Facebook and Twitter where you can post 10 times per day and get away with it. Try not to post more than 2 times per day. Around twice per day seems like a sweet spot for Instagram.

Post Consistently

Posting often is nothing without consistency. You need to post to Instagram often and consistently if you want results. I could post twice a day for a week, then post nothing for a month. Would I get results that were as good in that month? No. You need to post consistently if you want to get results.

Have Good Photos

Not only do you need to have lots of content, you also need to have good quality content. People like looking at things that are good quality. Anything less isn’t something that you should post. Now, don’t get me wrong, any decent post is better than nothing, at least if it reflects well on your business. However, you want to still have the best quality content that you can.

Engage People

The last thing that you need to consider when you are posting on Instagram is if the content that you are posting is engaging. Are the things that you post getting engagement (ex. Likes and Comments)? If they aren’t, you need to change something.

Something else that you need to change is how you engage with the people that engage with you. Respond to comments. People like to see that there is actually someone behind your account. People like for people to be social, so be social.

In Conclusion…

You need to work on your Instagram marketing and keep learning. Be sure that you post consistently and frequently (twice per day) and be engaging. Remember to be great and never settle for anything less.

Kaloeb S.
Owner at B Cubed Media
I am a young, dedicated entrepreneur and owner of B Cubed Media. I hope to help others build their business using the internet.