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You Are Marketing All Wrong

Get Your Marketing Right


How most people are marketing their business is wrong.  That being said, marketing your business in what I am going to call the wrong way today still can drive some results.  The results that you are going to drive with that method of marketing isn’t optimum, though.  Let’s dig further into what I’m saying so that you can get back to work and building your business:

STOP Selling and Start  Story Telling

I promise I will expand on this point a bunch in a future article, but for now, here’s what you need to know: Your business is approaching online marketing all wrong.  You need to be not only providing value, but also telling your story about what you do. Stories sell.  Create a story that you can build your brand around.   Here’s something to ponder:  People will watch a 30 minute documentary about someone or something, but will completely ignore the ads.  Why?  Because we as human beings have trained our brains to ignore advertising.  We don’t listen to things that we don’t want to listen to.  That brings me to my next point: Make people want to listen to you.

“After nourishment, shelter and companionship, stories are the thing we need most in the world.”
― Philip Pullman

Make People Want To Listen To You

This is extremely important.  If people don’t want to listen to your marketing, it won’t work.  Plain and simple.  This suggestion begs the question:  “How do I get people to want to listen to me?”  Well, I’m going to tell you exactly how to do that.  You can make people want to listen to you by giving them something they want, keeping your promises, creating a brand worth listening to, and lastly, treating them like actual people.  Your customers aren’t just customers.  They are people with lives outside of the little sphere that you understand, and once you get that, you can better get their attention and make their lives better with your product/service.

Provide Value

If you want to get people to listen to you, you need to give them something.  That something is value.  Specifically, channel targeted value.  If you want people to listen to the things that you have to say, you need to find a way to target the value that you are providing to them.  Giving people something of value (like knowledge, resources, ideas, discounts, etc.) is a great way to get them to listen to your business.  Once you get them listening, you can market to them.  Until you get people to have a desire to listen to the things that you are saying, though, you won’t be able to develop a super-effective marketing strategy.

Target, Give, and Ask

You need to be targeting your marketing.  If you market “blindly”, as I like to call it, you will be throwing money away.  When you are marketing, segment it, and then create a specific message to those segments to better convey your message to a specific demographic.  Your message to women in their early 60s in the the midwest is probably different than your message to women in their 30s living on the East coast.  Once you have provided targeted value to the people that you want to acquire as followers and eventually customers, you need to further provide value by giving them something (i.e. a “New Follower Discount”, articles, etc. etc.).  From there, you need to continue to build a relationship.  Once the relationship that you have been building is strong, you can ask for them to purchase something.


Another key to marketing is being everywhere your customer is looking.  Have you ever gotten bored with Twitter, so you went to Facebook?  Probably.  That concept is the basis for my point here.  You need to be putting content out on multiple platforms so that when people leave one platform and go to the other, people will still see your message.  When you are marketing your business, please, please be sure that you are on more than one social media channel, and that you are marketing on other offline channels to keep people’s attention there.


Note: This all depends on how you want to market yourself.

In Conclusion…

I hope that this article has provided value to you and if you liked it please feel free to share it on LinkedIn or Twitter.  Thanks for reading and remember:  Don’t Forget To Be Great.

Kaloeb S.
Owner at B Cubed Media
I am a young, dedicated entrepreneur and owner of B Cubed Media. I hope to help others build their business using the internet.