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How Often Should You Post On Social Media?

How Often Should You Post On Social Media?

I would like to talk to you today about how often your business should be posting on social media. This is something that you need to be taking into consideration and thinking about. Not only do people care about what you post, but they also care about how much you post. Let’s get into it:

Think About The Goal

When you are marketing your business on social media, or doing any marketing for that matter, you need to have one goal. That goal is getting attention for your business. You want to get attention for your business so that you can sell your product or service. Do you think that people who don’t know you will buy from you? The answer to that question is no. People who don’t know you won’t buy from you. They have no idea that you are even there, and they wouldn’t begin to consider your business as an option when they have a need for your product.

You need to gain share of mind from these people, because you want them to buy whatever your business sells. You want them to give you their money in exchange for what you provide. If you want to help people with your product, you need to market to them. If you want to get them to buy from you, you need to get attention for your business.

Do You Want Attention For Your Business

I am here to tell you that if you don’t want attention for your business, there is something terribly wrong. If you don’t want attention for your business, you must not want people to buy what you are selling. If you don’t want people to buy what you are selling, you have an issue with believing in what you sell. If you don’t believe in the product that you are selling, people will see that. It’s almost like people can smell the disbelief that you have for your product. You need to continue to work on your product and start believing in it. If you don’t believe in what you sell, you either need to start believing in it, or stop selling it. Either is fine, just as long as you continue to sell something that you believe in.

Marketing In A Nutshell

What is marketing? Is it something that your business needs? Yes. Is it optional? No. I like to define marketing as the act of attention getting. Marketing is the deliberate act of going out and getting attention for your business, product, and yourself. You need to get attention if you want to do anything with your business and your life. Do you want a promotion? You need to get the attention of your boss. Do you want to make more money and be more successful in business? You need to get attention for your business, your brand and yourself. That is what marketing is. It is the act of getting attention, which you hope will return you with a gain in some area of your life.

In a sense, we are all marketers. We are all trying to get attention for what we want in life. We are all trying to get what we want in life, and marketing is the way to get there. From the time we get up in the morning to when we go to bed at night, we are all marketing. We are getting attention for our ideas, we are all trying to show people what we are doing. We are all marketers.

Coming Up With Content

When you start to post on social media, one thing I think you should be doing for your business is sharing content. Share things that you think the people in your target market would like. We all like to read and consume content. The people who are succeeding in the world though, don’t just consume content. Don’t get me wrong. I think that everyone needs to learn avidly. I am a voracious reader, I watch YouTube, listen to podcasts, and I consume tons of content. I am in love with learning. In fact, when I started to learn more and read more books that could help me succeed in my life, that was when my life took a turn for the better. I began to do things that I hadn’t done before and that began to propel my life forward. When I started reading and learning more, I began to do more with my life.

I personally recommend that you create content also. I learn by teaching others. As funny as that sounds, I learn a lot by teaching other people. I reinforce and remember what I have learned by talking to people about it. Have you heard teachers talk about how much they learn from their students? This couldn’t be more true. When you start creating, you will begin to learn more.

Starting With Content Marketing

I would like to encourage you to check out content marketing and learn about what it can do for you and your business. Writing helps me learn more and it teaches other people what I know, too. When you write, it reinforces the things that you have learned. You do this in school. Do you remember writing your spelling words over and over again? This is great, only you aren’t teaching others. Your efforts teach you, but no one else really benefits from this.

Something that is great about writing for others is that the writing that you do serves a double purpose. The writing that you do helps you learn, and you can teach others with it. I love this I can teach other people about what I do, and I can learn even more in the process. Constant improvement is one of the keys to success. If you don’t continue to get better and grow as a person, you will begin to feel like you have lost your purpose.

I love continuing to grow as a person and learn. I feel great when I learn things that change my life. Even better, when I learn these things, I want to share them with others in hopes of changing their life. If just one person changes their life from what I have written, it makes t worth it. Writing is just like having a conversation. If you influence someone with what you said in a conversation, you would feel satisfied. Writing, though, allows you to much more than that. You can do more with your business and help many more people with your writing.

Say you had 5000 people read something that you wrote. The thing that you wrote changed the lives of 25 of the people that read it. To have the conversation that would communicate the same thing 5000 different times, or even 25 times would take way more time than it would have taken just to write, edit, and publish the article. You can help more people with the issues that they are having by producing content, whatever form it may be in.

Get Started With Writing

I encourage you to start writing articles, creating videos, and recording podcasts. Take the time that you watch Netflix and TV (The average American watches 3 Hours of TV per day) and create content instead. Trust me, the feeling that you will get from helping many, many people with your content will be much better than how you will feel after binge watching the first three seasons of The Walking Dead.

I am writing this in my spare time. I am on a flight from Chicago to New Orleans, and I am creating content. You need to be sure that you use your time wisely. As Grant Cardone says, Rich people buy time, poor people waste time. If you make better use of your time, there are many things that you don’t think you can do that you can. Think of some successful people. Steve Jobs, Bill Gates, Thomas Edison. They only had 24 hours in their days, but they still managed to do great things. It is how you use your time that will determine how successful you become. If you make use of your time, you can do way, way more than you ever thought. Stop wasting time, and start becoming a success.

How Often Should You Post?

I sadly can’t tell you how much you should post, but I can tell you how much I post and what I think you should be posting. Every business is different, and everyone’s target market is different. I just can tell you what I am doing and what I think I should be doing.

I try and post to Facebook  12 times per day and Twitter 24 times per day. People normally respond shocked to this. “You post how much?” they say. Well, I personally don’t think that I post enough. I want to post more than double that. The amount that you are going to need to post to get attention for yourself and your business is significantly more that you think.

Many people underestimate the amount of work that you are going to need to do just to get attention for your business and your brand. Don’t underestimate the amount of work that you are going to need to do to get attention for your business. Many people think that you can post just one time per day to Facebook and Tweet ever other day and that is the key. That small thinking is why people haven’t grown their business yet. Small thinking is why people aren’t successful. They underestimate the amount of work that they are going to need to do, then they do that amount of work and expect the larger results.

People talk about things like “I post twice per day to my Facebook page and I am not really getting results.” I know that you aren’t getting results. Here is why:

You aren’t posting enough to get attention. When you post on Facebook, the posts don’t even show up for your whole audience. Everyone that likes your page doesn’t see what you post.

People ignore posts that don’t catch their eye. People are different, so something different catches their eye.

You need to stay on their mind. People are exposed to tons of different advertising every single day. You need to differentiate yourself from the other ads and maintain share-of-mind in the thoughts of your customer.

People don’t care. Your message might not have any relevance to them, but if you continue, the message might just have some effect.

You sell to much. Social media isn’t about selling your product. Stop trying to sell people your product all the time. Balance it out. It makes me cringe when I see a Facebook page that says things like:

New XYZs just got in. Call (555) 555-5555 right now to have us set one aside for you.

This makes me feel like I am being sold to. Stop the hard sell all the time. Provide some value for me.

They Don’t Provide Any Value To Me. It irritates me when people post things that I don’t find valuable in any way. I value my time, and I don’t like it when people consume it with things that don’t help me, my business, or anything else in my life. The world is a harsh place, and people can easily click the unlike button or the unfollow button. People don’t need to see the marketing messages that you are putting out there. They choose to. People are choosing to see your marketing, so be sure that you make them want to come back. You can’t please everyone, but you can please some people.

Try to please the most people you can, but don’t be afraid of rejection. Don’t fear people not liking your content. That is always going to happen, at least when you have a large audience. When you have an audience of size, people will unfollow you, and that is okay. This happens to the best marketers in the world. Get over it and keep growing.

In Conclusion…

You need to be sure that you continue to post things on social media and provide value. It is okay to sell sometimes, but just don’t do it all the time. You can sell 1 time out of every 20 posts that you have. You need to continue to provide value to the people that you want to follow you.

You can do it. You can create content, post all the time, and grow your business. Stop wasting time. You can do it. Keep going. Also, if you liked this article, share the love and let others take a look at this great advice. Share it with your friends, and get to growing your business.

Kaloeb S.
Owner at B Cubed Media
I am a young, dedicated entrepreneur and owner of B Cubed Media. I hope to help others build their business using the internet.