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Providing Value On Social Media

I wanted to write something today about value because it is the one thing that I feel many businesses miss the most on social media.  So many businesses will go and post something that doesn’t give anyone any value at all.  That is just irritating.  The problem with most business’s social media is that they don’t provide any value to anyone.


Social Media Is Not A Billboard

So many businesses treat social media like it is a billboard.  They post ton’s of promotional stuff and they don’t really provide anyone with true value.  They pitch and pitch over and over.  That doesn’t help anyone.  The people that provide true value (ex. information, tips, etc.) will be more successful on social media.  STOP pitching everyone on social media.  It is just annoying.  I don’t follow you to get constantly pitched to.  I follow people because they provide me with some type of value and information that I want.  Stop trying to sell me something.  I can just unfollow you.

Give People Something

When you are posting on social media, you need to give people something, so that when you do post something salesy, people will be more inclined to buy.  Give people something.  I will use a boutique as an example in this article.  If you run a  boutique, you could write articles on an Outfit Of The Day, promote that article on Facebook, Twitter, and Pinterest.  Promote the photo on Instagram, and then add a picture to your Snapchat story.  Use your content to promote your business and provide value.  People might love the idea that you had for the outfit, but then they find that they need the top.  They then come into the store and buy that top they didn’t have, or they order it online from your store, because you linked all of the pieces of clothing in your article, even though you didn’t sell all of them.

Be Unique (Carve Out Your Niche)

Be sure that what you post is distinct from what all the other people in your space post.  Post something that people can’t find anywhere else.  Give them a reason to follow you.

In Conclusion…

I hope hat this article helps you grow your business and do better on social media.  If you liked it, be sure that you share it with your followers and remember to be great and never settle for anything less.

Kaloeb S.
Owner at B Cubed Media
I am a young, dedicated entrepreneur and owner of B Cubed Media. I hope to help others build their business using the internet.